Marvellous Mushrooms - Full Day Workshop

18sep10:3016:30Marvellous Mushrooms - Full Day Workshop

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Marvellous Mushrooms is a full day immersive workshop that will introduce you to the amazing world of Medicinal Mushrooms. In this course you will learn about many different mushrooms and their truly astounding nutritional and medicinal value as backed by science and a long history of traditional use. We will also cover where to find them, how to correctly dry and preserve foraged mushrooms and how to use them as both food and medicine in your day-to-day lives.  

The mushrooms that we will discover during the course will be a combination of common mushrooms easily foraged locally, and also some of the more popular ‘foreign’ ones you may also want to source as food and medicine.

We will provide a detailed demonstration on how to make a variety of mushroom elixirs, including tinctures and powders to be used as medicine. We will cover when and why you may want to use these and which format is most appropriate. You will also get a sample to take home to help get you started on your mushroom journey.

On the day you will get to sample various mushroom related edibles, hot drinks and elixirs. You will leave with many recipe ideas to incorporate mushrooms into your diet and lifestyle.

A healthy foraged themed lunch will be provided in addition to a selection of herbal teas. There will also be the opportunity to purchase from a small selection of herbal goodies lovingly crafted by Fox & Hawks.

After the event you will receive an email with an information pack citing links to the research cited on the day and links to trusted suppliers, as well as a recommended reading list to help those interested in delving even further into the fascinating world of fungi!


The day is scheduled to run like this:

10.30-11.15: An introduction to mushrooms and their importance as food and medicine.

11.15-11.45: Sampling and handling a selection of medicinal mushrooms.

11.45-12.45: A guide to 6 key medicinal mushrooms and when to use them- Turkeytail, Reishi, Lion’s Mane, Shiitake, Chaga and Cordyceps.

12.45-1.45: Lunch (and more mushroom sampling!)

1.45-3.00: Making medicine out of mushrooms – including full spectrum tinctures.

3.00-4.00: Safely foraging and identifying mushrooms

4.00-4.30: Where and how to source mushrooms and how to grow your own.


We expect this event to be popular so we would encourage anyone interested to take full advantage of the early bird offer which ends on Wednesday 17th August at midnight. Note that the price includes lunch and herbal beverages.


Early bird offer (for tickets bought by August 17th, that day included)- £79

Normal price – £92

Deposit of £35 paid now then exact change in cash on day of event (it takes a lot of planning to organise events like this and there are limited spaces so deposits are non-refundable, however, if you can not make it we will try to help you find someone to take your place if there is enough notice given)


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