Herbal Medicine Consultations

Book a Herbal Medicine Consultation with Registered Herbalists Luke Heron or Sarah Hawkins in Ireland.

Killarney, County Kerry

Belfast, County Antrim

  • Consultations up to 60 Minutes
  • Western Herbal Medicine – Local Plants
  • Nutritional and Lifestyle advice
  • Herbal Medicine (Tinctures, Infusions, Topicals)
  • Functional Testing
  • Laboratory Diagnostics
  • Food Intolerance & Allergen Tests

All about Herbal Medicine Health Clinics 

Herbal Medicine - Tinctures

What happens at a Herbal Medicine Clinic?

In our Herbal Medicine clinic, we will go through your medical history, presenting ailments, help and inform you on health matters. At the end of the consultation, instead of using pharmaceutical drugs, you will be offered herbal medicine in the form of capsulesliquid extracts or infusions as well as adjunct lifestyle advice and tips to help you improve your health.

A Herbal Consultation allows you the time to address your health issues by looking for the root cause(s) of disease.

The medicine is individualised to your own needs. It is usually dispensed as a tincture in a 300ml bottle which will do you for the month and in some cases a herbal infusion or topical remedies.

Herbal Medicine is not just about using plants as medicines, it is about learning to take your health into your own hands, to listen to your body and to be learn on how to live a balanced lifestyle.

As your herbalist, we will support and guide you to improve your health, we will converse with your GP or other consultants when appropriate and do research into a condition when required. This is all done within the parameters of patient confidentiality.

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Functional Testing & Laboratory Diagnostics

When appropriate, we use Functional Testing which is a way of gaining a deeper understanding of your current health & predisposition to disease using various laboratory diagnostics tools . This can be in the form of a blood test, a stool or urine sample, or cheek swab which get sent to a laboratory for testing.

Such tests can be microbiological in nature, to determine inflammatory markers, hormonal patterns, digestive enzymes, DNA profile (epigenetics) and much more.  These tools can help determine the outcome of your herbal & lifestyle treatment. In our Herbal Medicine clinic, we then look at the results to better assess your health.

Examples of use: Thyroid function, auto-immunity, allergen or food intolerences, epigenetic assessment, hormonal imbalances, gut microbiome health etc…

You can enquire about this during your consultation.

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